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Outdoor Range

POSC's Outdoor ranges are divided by a centre berm so that both the 50 yard and 150 yard range can be used simultaneously. The 150 yard range has two back stops at 100 & 150 yards.


Rifle, handgun &  static shotgun target shooting are the mainstay of these two ranges which are also certified for all action shooting events and disciplines such as Cowboy Action, IDPA & IPSC and more.


All New Club members must take the Club Safety Orientation Course at no charge. 


This course is also mandatory for members with a PAL to receive Range Officer (RO) status, combination to the front gate, and the combination for each of the Lower Range boxes. This allows members to shoot on the 50,100, and 150 yard ranges on their own time.

For more information on the Orientation, please contact the Club's Training Chair.


Lower range contact : 


Lower Range Chairperson



Range fee of $10 must be paid for guests of members.  Guests must complete a waiver form when signing in, before they are permitted to enter the range. 

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