The POSC offers the following Membership Types:

1.    Single- Age 21 yrs & older

2.    Family- Spouses & Children under 21 yrs of age

3.    Senior Membership (65+)

4.    Junior- Under Age 21 yrs, in school

For fees, please refer to membership forms.

Single, Family, Senior, and Junior Memberships include membership to the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (OFAH) which also includes OFAH Liability Insurance that covers a multitude of outdoor activities from hunting, fishing, target shooting and more. If you would like the Outdoors Magazine Subscription included in your membership please add $26.00 to the listed Fees above. Visit OFAH for more info.

All members are required to complete the Safety Orientation Course, upon successful completion members will be issued a RANGE OFFICER (RO) card. Only qualified RO's are allowed to access the POSC and use the ranges without supervision. Non RO qualified require an RO present to use the ranges.
Members not adhering to the POSC Constitution & Bylaws and RO requirements can and will have their RO Status/membership revoked.
We encourage all members included in Family Memberships to attend the course, in order to understand the clubs rules & regulations for use. 

All new members are considered Probationary until; Completion of the Orientation, attend at Least 1 Meeting, and 6 months of membership are required in order to become an Ordinary Member of the Club.
**Family Memberships only the Primary Card holder has voting privileges** 


After a membership application is received by the Membership Chair, please allow 2-3 weeks due to processing times for your application & insurance coverage.
Thank you for your patience

5. AGENCY MEMBERSHIPS- FEES $500.00 Annual + $250.00 per day of use:

Please contact the Membership Chair for Agency Applications.

ANY business wishing to conduct live fire firearms training on POSC ranges must have a CFO issued Firearms Business Licence with "Firearms Training or Firearms Instruction" as a Business activity & Business Liability Insurance covering shooting activities. The business must FIRST be approved by the Club prior to conducting ANY training on POSC Property. Read the POSC Constitution & Bylaws for more information.

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This page was last updated: November 19, 2018
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1.    I am interested in becoming a member. How does one become a member of the Pembroke Outdoor     Sportsman’s Club (POSC)?

2.    Do you accept credit cards or email money transfers for payment of Club dues?

3.    On the membership form, is it required to put my email address on it?

4.    How long does it take for you to process my application?

5.    Can I drop off my application with payment?

6.    Is there a probationary period for new members?

7.    Is the POSC a private Club?

8.    What is the Club Safety Orientation Course and is it mandatory?

9.    When is the Orientation Course held? Is there a fee associated with it? What do I need to bring with me?

10.    What is the membership year of the POSC?

11.    I am already a member of the OFAH, am I still required to pay the OFAH portion of the Club dues?

12.    Once I am a member, can I bring guests with me to the Club?

13.    As a regular member, can I do live fire training courses on the ranges for my business?

14.    I have a question about shooting restricted firearms at the Club, who do I contact for answers?

FAQ answers at bottom

1.    To become a member of the POSC one must fill out the membership form legible and completely. Mail the completed form along with payment, according to the instructions on the form. 

2.    Sorry we do not accept credit cards or EMT (email money transfers) at this time. We accept Cash, Money Order, or Cheque.

3.    Yes if you have one. If no email address is provided there is no way to send you confirmation of your Membership Application or issue temporary documents until your physical POSC & OFAH Insurance Coverage are ready to be sent to you. Also, the Club's monthly bulletin is sent via email, this bulletin is a monthly overview of what's happening at the Club and can include special notices. IE- Upcoming Events - Range/Clubhouse closures due to club rentals etc. 

4.    Currently it takes 2-3 weeks to process an application. After the Membership Chair enters your application and receives confirmation from the OFAH that you have Insurance Coverage for the membership year (1 Jan - 31 Dec) you will receive a confirmation email of your POSC membership. After the physical insurance cards are received your Membership documents will be mailed to the address provided on your application.

5.    Yes you can drop it off instead of mailing. Mailbox is located at the front door of the Clubhouse. Any other time call ahead to see if anyone is there.

6.    Probationary period for new members is 6 months and there is a requirement to complete the Orientation Course and attend at least 1 General Meeting. See Club Constitution and Bylaws for a description of what a Probationary member is.

7.    Yes

8.    The Club Safety Orientation Course is mandatory for all new members. It is also mandatory for existing members wishing to be a Range Officer for the Lower Ranges. It is designed to give all safety rules and regulations of the Club. It also gives an overview of the facilities we offer. Upon completion, members with a firearm licence (PAL) receive RO/Red Card, the codes for the main gate & sign in box for the Lower Ranges. This allows them to utilize the 50, 100, and 150 ranges, or Archery Range.

9.    The Orientation Course is held the first Saturday of each month at 9am. No fee. Members don’t have to register, members may arrive with their membership card & VALID PAL. Only Primary members are require to take the Orientation but it is encouraged that family members, who are included in a Family Membership, attend as well.

10.    Membership is Annual (1yr) from date of sign up Ex; 02 June 2017 - 02 June 2018.

11.    If a new applicant already has OFAH membership that covers at least the remaining membership year then they are not required to pay that portion. Club membership is not given to anyone unless OFAH covers the entire membership year. A photocopy of your OFAH card must be attached to your membership application. The Membership Chair will then contact OFAH to get you added to our Club list.

12.    Yes you can bring guests to the Club only once you have completed the Safety Orientation Course. You as a POSC member are responsible for them at all times while on Club Property & ALL NON MEMBERS/GUEST MUST SIGN THE WAIVER. Read Constitution and Bylaws about restrictions because there are some.

13.    No you can not. That is prohibited. See Constitution and Bylaws. Only Agency Members can rent and utilize the ranges for their business.

14.    Please Contact Training/Handgun Chair.